Quick Rewind – Justice League: War


Justice League: War is the first DC Animated movie adapted from one of DC’s New 52 series. Based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s 2011 comic  Justice League: Origin, the story follows the meeting, and eventual teaming-up of the world’s greatest superheroes. Brought together by a threat spreading from Metropolis to Gotham, from Washington D.C. to Coast City, the heroes must learn to fight together, rather than with each other.

Having read the Origin storyline, I was pretty pumped about this animated movie. I’ve enjoyed previous DC Animations like Flashpoint Paradox, Dark Knight Returns, and Justice League: Doom, and I was sure this movie would deliver just like those did.




It just didn’t do it for me. It’s a great story, I enjoyed the humor, especially the rivalry between Batman and Green Lantern, but it just felt like something was missing. Maybe it was Kevin Conroy’s iconic Batman voice that was missing that turned me off. Or maybe it was Sean Astin as Shazam, or even Alan Tudyk as Superman that I didn’t like. I guess overall I would say the voice acting/casting in this movie was subpar, and in an animated movie, you can’t have that. You can have some of the greatest animations of all time, but if your characters sound like their dialogue is being read off a page, it can ruin your entire movie.

Now, I’m not saying this movie was ruined by terrible voice acting, or that it was even ruined at all. That’s just the biggest issue I found with it, personally. Aside from that, it was an enjoyable movie. A great first animation coming from the New 52 material. I just really hope they choose to do the Batman: The Court of Owls storyline next.

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  • Last modified: May 14, 2014
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Review Summary:

The first DC Animated film based on a series from The New 52, Justice League: War is an action packed movie that just seems to lack characters.


Great action/animation. Some good humor. Decent story that at times feels a bit rushed, while at other points seems to drag.


Characters fell flat. Voice acting/casting mediocre. Replacing Aquaman with Shazam wasn't much of an upgrade, nor a needed one.