First Look at Disney Animation’s First Marvel Movie – ‘Big Hero 6’


Disney Animation has released 3 stills from their first upcoming Marvel adaptation ‘Big Hero 6‘. The movie is based on the comic by the same name that first appeared in 1998, and more recently in a 5-part miniseries in 2008. The comic and movie follow a group of six superheroes that are recruited by the government to protect the nation. Characters include 13 year-old Hiro Hamada who builds a robot named Baymax. The robot serves as a friend, a father-figure, and bodyguard. Other characters include Fred/Fredzilla, a man capable of turing into a large Godzilla-like lizard, and a woman named Go-Go Tomago who uses a battle suit to fight enemies. A trailer is planned for release later this week, but until then, check out the stills below!

bighero6_1 bighero6_2 bighero6_3

Here we can see Hiro building Baymax. Is it just me, or does Baymax sans armor look like a mix between The Michelin Man and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Regardless, the animation in this movie looks spot on, check out the teaser, which only really serves to show-off the animation/design of San Fransokyo, the setting of the story.

Big Hero 6 comes out this November!