Stained Glass For a New Generation


Years ago you would find stained glass in just about every home in America. If your parents didn’t have any, one of your friends did. Stained glass has gone the way of the dinosaurs in most peoples mind, but Nikita Leigh is trying to change that. She is creating some of the coolest and most unique stained glass pieces you will see.

DSC_0335We meet Nikita for a short while at Comicpalooza in Houston this weekend, but we could tell she was onto something special. The crowds would gather to watch someone put on a Stormtrooper helmet that took 2 months to create as a prototype. It’s meant to be a lamp, but who can honestly resist putting this bad boy on. I personally could not fit my big head in it so we had someone from her booth show us how it’s done.

DSC_0334Not only does her company Midian Craftworks do cool lamps like the stormtrooper, but they also do jewelry as well. Just add one of the below pieces to your necklace and display your inner geek to the world.

DSC_0340One thing is certain, if you see the Midian booth at a Comic Con you should for sure stop in and say hi to Nikita. Buy a couple things and support someone who really is putting out some very cool and unique items. Also you can find and purchase items from the Midian website.