8-Bit Geek Panel: Naz from My Way Entertainment!


It’s not every day that one of your videos that you posted for fun becomes one of the top 100 viral videos of the 2000s, let alone within the top 10! I had the chance of asking Xavier Nazario A.K.A Naztradamix a few questions about his group, My Way Entertainment, his favorite comics, and what he is working on now.

8-Bit Geek – When did you get into comics, and what was your first comic book?

Naz– I got into comics at a young age. Sometime in the 90’s. I wasn’t a comic book reader per say. I was into comic book shows and movies, you name it. Isn’t every kid? That’s when you are either a Comic Book Geek or not. I do remember one day i received something in the Mail from some company, don’t remember, that sold Comic Books through their catalog. The first order was SUPER CHEAP! So my friends and I all ordered from it and stocked up. Comics for like 50 cents to even $1. I got the first issue of Men In Black (the movie was released around then and I heard it was a comic) and the GAMBIT short comic series. He was my favorite character in the X-Men cartoon growing up until everybody and their Momma loved him too. Ok, well, really I scrapped him as my top when my best friend growing up, Eddie (Scooby), said it was his favorite. I chose to find another. Till this day I’m not sure who is my favorite X-Men. Oh wait! X-Man! Yeah he is dope. I had his comics. Thought it was cool I not only had a name of THE X-Men, Xavier, but now there was an X-men with a nickname of mine. So in conclusion, yeah I don’t remember my first comic book. Probably Superman.

Geek – If you could write one Marvel/DC crossover fight, who would you have fight? And who would win?

Naz – If Marvel/DC gave me the freedom to play with their universe I guess I would pit The Justice League vs. The Avengers, which is basically what’s going to happen on the big screen as these two franchises face each other in who will make more bank in cinemas. It’s hard to answer since there was a Marvel vs. DC comic series. I would rather have had Superman vs. Captain America because they represent the same things in each universe. I want to see Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye. Flash vs. Dash. Oh wait, that’s Disney. Well now it’s the same shyte. Pitting Superman vs. Captain America would be a hard battle for me. Love those two both and wouldn’t want either to lose. With that being said…. Kal-El all day! The two would team up anywho.

Geek – If you could mix and match any comic book characters, who would be in your dream team? Also, who would be your super villain team?

Naz – Superman, Captain America, Batman, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Powergirl, Invincible, Rorschach, Scott Pilgrim and Howard the Duck with Rocket Raccoon because why the heck not. VERSUS: The Joker, Carnage, Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff live action version) Loki, Two-Face, Gideon Graves, Todd Ingram, Zod, Lex Luthor, The Shredder (because if you think about it, he is such a cool character). And the LOOK?! Make him more than just a human and he would be epic. Sylar too, because that man will always be iconic villain to me. And of course, don’t forget The Juggernaut Bitch.

Geek – Where did you meet the rest of the My Way Entertainment crew?

Naz – Eddie and Randy I met when my family moved into this block (where I still currently reside). We met playing in the playground in front of my place. This was back in 1993/94. Sonny I met in high school, and LP back in 2007 when I worked at a Halloween store. He was my employee. Everyone else involved from Carol, Jossy to Josue etc. were from high school, and just whomever I met along the way that I felt would be fun to do video with. mWe has always been about having fun making videos with friends and family.

Geek – How did the Juggernaut video come to fruition?

Naz – One boring freezing November night in 2005, hanging out in my room with Randy, I brought up the idea to dub cartoons for the heck of it to have fun. I was inspired by videos like Fenslar’s G.I. JOE PSAs Dub and the Old School Afternoon dubs. Those were hilarious and thought it would be fun to do some my own. Before I did the Juggernaut Bitch with Randy, I did a dub with my friend Josue using the movie Kung Fu Hustle and Hellsing, both of which I later came back to with Randy.

Geek – You’ve done a ton of videos since then – from voice overs to live action.  What video are you most proud of, and what video are you not so proud of?

Naz – I’m most proud of my live action ones. The Jello-Jello video is one of our favorites. Ask MyWay Episode 15 where we play and react to house music is all time favorite. L4D in Yo Ear because I did my best to make it a side by side comparison to Craig Mack’s Flava in Ya Ear. Oh and the one where LP and I have a Guitar Hero-like battle. It had a huge name, I dont remember at this moment, lol. Yet most of all, top favorite is OFFICIUM.

GeekOFFICIUM was really fun and different from your normal videos, what was your influence on this project?

Naz –  OFFICIUM is a pairing of LP’s and my ideas for a movie. Instead of picking one or the other, we just fused them together until I came up with the plot, and we bounced ideas off each other. It, at it’s core, was influenced by REPO: the Genetic Opera and Boondock Saints.

Geek – If you had the resources to make OFFICIUM a television series, what major star would you cast as the villain? Nick Cage?

Naz – LOL, Nick Cage would be a great villain. I would be like Tarantino and Rodriguez, getting hardly known stars and trying to make them into big name stars. I would use former Power Rangers like Johnny Yong Bosch as a hero. Michael Fassbender because he blew me away since X-Men First Class. Yes! there it is, Michael Fassbender as the villain. Or would that suck cuz he is already known as a villain. Ugh, don’t want to typecast him.

Geek – You are a fan of conventions, what is your favorite con that you have attended and who were you most excited to meet?

Naz – I love conventions so much that I wish it was my career attending them across the nation. I say this all the time. My 3 favorite are C2E2, Anime Central and Wizard World Chicago which is #1 for me. I dream of attending San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con. Always hear great things about them. From the previous cons I was most excited to meet Jason David Frank, Manu Bennet, Lita, Robert Rodriguez and CM PUNK. I only got to meet JDF, Lita and Manu in person but Rodriguez and Punk I had the pleasure to be at their panel. Wait a tick, I met Punk in person at a comic book store here in Chicago, matter of fact… Challengers on Western Avenue near the Blue Line. See that plug I just did there? Challengers, give me free comics now.

Geek – What’s next for mWe?  Do you have any websites or Kickstarters you want to promote? Where can we find more of your videos and hilarity?

Naz –  We never know what is next, we always have ideas in our heads. Have some sketches written down. OFFICIUM is still a big goal to finish, just 3 episodes isn’t good enough. There is still more to tell of the story. We started a new series called TPW, TOTAL PROMO WRESTLING, with YouTube friends Triple Threat Produx where it’s just us doing fun wrestling gimmicks doing promos. For us to continue our videos and grow I started a “Kickstarter” like campaign through Patreon.com. You pledge an amount and it is charged per video. I have a video that explains it in further depth. You can catch all our videos on YouTube, search for mywayentertainment or go to mwe4life.com for everything myway. We are everywhere. On Facebook.com/mwe4life and on twitter @_mywayent_. Our community is great, an online family called Cyber Goonz where everyone is welcome.

Thanks to Naz for giving us an inside look at one of my favorite videos of all time, and keep an eye out for more of My Way’s videos here!