Watch the Official Trailer for ‘Horns’



Based on the novel by the same name*, ‘Horns‘ tells the story of a man accused of murdering his girlfriend. Sounds pretty straight-forward up until the whole “he starts to grow horns our of his head” thing. Do these horns mean he’s guilty? Some people seem to think so, despite him pleading for his innocence. But one thing is for sure, the horns give him powers, and he must use that to find who killed his girlfriend. With great power comes great responsibility, because you’re a wizard, Harry.

Horns stars Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Heather Graham, and James Remar, and is set to come out later this year.


*Fun Fact: The author of the novel, Joe Hill, is the son of Stephen King. He is also the author of the amazing comic book series ‘Locke and Key’.