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The Doctor is back with a new face, well… a new but older face. Doctor Who season 8 premiered on Saturday and it. Was. Fantastic! Peter Capaldi has brought back the Doctor and he is witty, confused, and Scottish. The episode continues not too long after the season seven finale so he is freshly regenerated. When he first steps out of the TARDIS he is a mess,  and is confused on who Clara is and even mistakes Strax for her (understandable because they are about the same height). Throughout the rest of the episode he remains a bit scatter brained but gets sassier as the regeneration process finishes up.


As of right now, I hope the Doctor stays a bit jumbled,  it makes it more interesting and we get to hear his thought process out loud. As for his sassiness, it is brilliantly done and the bantering between him and others is hilarious. The relationship between Clara and this Doctor is intense but entertaining. During this episode, she is crossed with him and he is acting like a typical man with a stubborn woman, saying the wrong things and thinking he is doing nothing wrong. Later in the episode the Doctor realizes he is Scottish and it seems that with this he has adopted a more aggressive attitude, this can be seen when he demands a man’s coat because there is no point in them both being cold. Another example is Capaldi’s first word of the episode “shush” and then all throughout he kept telling people to “shut up”. New catch phrase? I hope so!


Something that I am extremely excited about is that during the episode they did acknowledge that they have used Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who before. For those familiar with the show, you probably already know that Capaldi was the father of the family that the Doctor saved in the Pompeii episode. Since they acknowledged it, I am curious to see what they are going to do with it. Along the lines of curiosity, who in the hell is Missy?!


Peter Capaldi in DW’s “The Fires of Pompeii” and Torchwood’s “Children of Earth”

Overall this episode was wonderful, I like when they bring the trio (Vastra, Jenny, & Strax) in, especially for this episode. We even got to see Matt Smith again and got a bit of closure which just about brought me to tears. This episode, to me, established Clara as a proper companion. Before she didn’t feel like she had that bond that the others did, but after her talk with Madam Vastra I felt like she established her relationship with the Doctor. We already knew she was loyal to him because she risked her life by jumping into his time stream, but this proved her companionship to me. This also seemed like a message to the fans, they took away your adorable fun Doctor and put in a grumpy old Scottish man, but this is still our Doctor and they are trusting us with everything he is.


Please let me know in the comments what you thought! Also,  I left out all the little Easter eggs that were in this episode because, spoilers,  but let me know which ones you noticed.

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Peter Capaldi's take on the Doctor, Clara standing up and taking her place as a proper companion, and the Easter eggs.


The cheap "Oh did I hit you in the junk with the sonic screwdriver" joke, you guys can do better than that.