Check Out This Firefly Fan-Film ‘The Verse’ from Loot Crate!


This incredible short was made by the crew over at Loot Crate to promote their next month’s theme! Check it out!


Written for fans and by fans who are inspired by the beloved cult sci-fi series “Firefly”. An exciting new look at this beloved world featuring a new crew, a new ship and a heaping dose of misbehavin’!

If you’re not already a subscriber of Loot Crate, now is the time to become one! September’s theme is “Galactic”, and is said to contain items from Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars and more. Click here to sign up today, and don’t forget to use promo code ‘Galactic’ to save an extra 10%.


*We are not affiliated with Loot Crate in any way, we just really dig their services and don’t want anyone to miss out*