MUST WATCH: ‘Starring Adam West’ – Fame, Family and Batman


This documentary follows Hollywood survivor and family man, Adam West, who became a household name in1966 as Batman. Starring Adam West tells the uplifting story of his determination and dedication that have made him an enduring Hollywood legacy.

I have one memory as a kid that stands out – My mother walked up to me one day and asked “JerBear, we are all going to the State Fair, would you like to go?” And despite the fact that I love the fair, with it’s spectacular lights, sounds, and food, I told her ‘no’ that day. There was only one thing that could hold me back; the 1960’s Batman marathon was coming on TV and I couldn’t miss it.

Adam West was my Batman, and in many ways, he still is. I know many people will say that the show was campy and that it wasn’t the ‘real’ Batman – but he was to me. Adam brought a bigger than life character into my living room and I couldn’t get enough of it. He displayed everything I wanted to be as a man when I grew up – from his charisma, to his charm and character. I looked up to Batman. So thank you Adam West for what you have given me. You introduced me to my favorite superhero of all time.

I will for sure see this film when it comes out because Adam West is an icon. His story is nothing less than amazing. From his rise to fame, to his falling off the map, only to come roaring back in our modern age is nothing but spectacular. Mark your calendars, ’cause this one is not to be missed.