Jon Bailey (The Voice Behind Honest Trailers) Interview


Jon Bailey is known for his voice. Not only in the insanely popular YouTube series Honest Trailers by Screen Junkies, but also for his voice overs in several video games, movies, toys, and various commercials and trailers. If you have yet to hear his greatness, then I invite you to watch the video below.


We recently had the chance to sit down for an hour and a half to talk about Jon’s life and career – a story made for the big screen. Jon lets us know what it’s like to go from flipping chicken at a fast food establishment to voicing some of your favorite movie trailers, as well as doing ADR work on the biggest films in Hollywood. Listen in for a ton of cool stories as well as a face-off between Doug and Jeremy in a voice over battle with Jon as the judge.

You can also check out Jon’s film and game reviews on his YouTube page. Be sure to subscribe because he releases a ton of content.