8bit Geek Joins Patreon


We here at 8bit Geek have been running on all cylinders for a little over 2 years now. We enjoy bringing the show to as many people as possible on our weekly podcast, and we also like to create new content. In order to be successful at creating new things, we needed to find a new revenue stream. With Patreon, we are able to do just that. Patreon is a crowd funding site that allows our fans to help grow the show. We are allowed to create exclusive content for our members like extended cuts of the show, exclusive content from conventions, and behind the scenes content – All while still keeping the podcast free for everyone. Please keep listening to our show but if you want to help realize our dreams then check out the Patreon site in the link below.

You can check out the page to see what our goals are, what we will do with the money and how we will take 8bit Geek into 2015!

Click to be taken to our crowd funding page