Check Out the Pilot for the Fan-Created Dragon Ball Z Webseries ‘Light of Hope’


Hope is worth fighting for. In Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, Gohan and Trunks fight against the unstoppable Androids #17 and #18 and try to save as many human lives as possible. The young Trunks must grow up quickly and learn from his mentor, Gohan; but with battles to fight on both the outside and inside, how long can they endure, and where will they find a light of hope?

This series is an adaptation of “The History of Trunks” TV Special. In this timeline, Goku and the other Z Warriors are dead. This is the story of Gohan and Trunks in their battle to survive against the Androids.

It’s been a week for fan-created versions of our favorite childhood TV shows! First, the R-Rated ‘Power/Rangers‘ short, and now the pilot for this amazing looking Dragon Ball Z live-action webseries. While the dialogue and acting are a bit campy, I find it to be right in tune with the original DBZ series. The action is incredible, the effects on par with big hollywood blockbusters – this fan-made series is sure to put Dragon Ball Z: Evolution to shame, (not that that’s hard to do…)

I’m really excited to see the rest of the series, and if you are too, go subscribe to their youtube channel.