If You’re a Fan of Tabletop Games, ‘Dark Lord: The Board Game’ is For You


This innovative outlook on a strategy tabletop game will definitely catch players attention. If you have never played a tabletop – don’t worry! I was once afraid to play tabletop games because it seemed like there was way too much going on and I would never understand how to play. However, after a bit of a learning curve I can now comprehend the basic mechanics to any tabletop I try, and Dark Lord looks very easy to pick up,

Dark Lord is a 2-4 player strategy game focused around one idea; destroy your opponents! The game board is made up of 4 land zones and an “Eye” that connects them at the center. Each player chooses a class, and each class contains 4 unique Lord characters to choose from. After selecting your class and Lord you can custom build your playing deck from over 400 cards, meaning limitless replayability! Each land zone is made up of 10 territories and your Keep(located at the edge of the board where you are playing from). Now there are 2 resource types that you will be using in this game, Blood and Mana. You will generate these resources from Village or Mana pools located on many territories across the map.


Dark Lord is the successful mixture of card and map strategy. While playing this game you will learn many crucial aspects of micromanagement when juggling your resource upkeep at the cost of military units. It enables just the right amount of chance to give every player a competitive edge. With a d6-d12 combat system, victory in battle is never guaranteed. Dark Lord: The Board Game satisfies customization needs for every role-player through 12 unique Lords and over 400 choices for deck construction. Whether you choose to dominate board presence by filling every territory with creatures or destroy hundreds of creatures with a single spell, Dark Lord is the game for you. Dystopic Entertainment has been pouring hundreds of man hours into the creation of this game to fine tune not only the mechanics and playability, but also the esthetics and brilliant layout of the world this game is sure to have you wrapped in.


If Magic the Gathering and Risk had a crazy night in Vegas and conceived a child, you would get Dark Lord: The Board Game. I’ve played many table top strategies in my time, and most games to this degree, I was able to play for about two or three weeks then the entertainment value seemed to plateau. Most of that was due to the ability to “break” the game. In Dark Lord, every faction has special abilities that level the playing field through out the duration of your domination process, this process works similar to the rock-paper-scissors concept when it come to deck construction. When you add the classic dice rolling battle system attacking your opponents units is still never a guaranteed win. This makes strategy even more difficult causing moments of complete military takeover with a surreal feel of hesitation when moving aggressively across the board, meaning even though you may have more units your opponents dice rolls may be on point! Overall, Dark Lord: The Board Game presents an easy to learn and in-depth game for players with all levels of experience.

As of right now, Dark Lord: The Board Game is still in it’s Kickstarter phase. Visit their website and their Kickstarter to check out more information, videos, and pictures on the game! They only have a few more weeks to get the game funded, so get to it!


This review was brought to us by our tabletop expert Taylor Roper. When he’s not playing tabletop games and defeating dragons, you can find him on Twitch or his Facebook page. Taylor and some of his friends are in the process of putting together and tabletop-based podcast, we’ll make sure to let you all know when that comes out!

Dark Lord: The Board Game
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Review Summary:

Innovative take on a strategy tabletop game that will definitely catch players attention.


Successful mixture of card and map strategy. Great artwork. 400+ cards means lots of customization options, endless possibilities, and tons of replayability