All-Con 2015 Recap and Gallery!


All-Con. The local convention that happens every year in Addison, Texas, (that’s North Dallas for those of you outside of the area). The convention that heralds that it is for everyone from every fandom, and boy was that the truth. Founded in 2005, All-Con strives to bring the best content to their attendees – providing over 300 panels and events, including game shows, burlesque shows, film screenings and more.

This was our first year attending this particular convention, we tend to stick to the “big name” cons like Dallas Comic Con, New York Comic Con, Alamo City, ect… We literally had no idea to what to expect when we headed that way early Saturday morning. Located at the Crowne Plaza of Addison, we grabbed our gear and headed inside. Our first impression was that Steampunk had made a sudden and incredible comeback. There were tons of women in Victorian costume, with their hats anointed with goggles and gears. There were numerous tables and booths with various Steampunk weaponry and attire. Now, it’s not unusual to come across these booths at other conventions, you will surely find them spread about in the vendors room, but at All-Con, there were times it felt that the vendor room was only their booths. That being said, we did see the 501st there, and a Stargate setup for photos. There were cosplayers from various animes, movies, comics, and TV shows. We saw Walter Whites hanging out with the 10th and 11th Doctor. We saw Jack and Sally talking with some Stormtroopers, and we saw Baymax and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man pose for pictures with one another. Nearly every genre, and every fandom was represented somehow this weekend.

Along the back wall we found our friends from Now Hiring, an independent action romance movie shot in San Antonio, Texas. We sat down and talked with director Mark Cantu, and will have the audio from that here soon on our show. We also caught up with actor Camden Toy, who we also interviewed back at Alamo City Comic Con, and talked with him a bit about some upcoming projects he’s been working on. We walked the floor few hours, talked with some people, saw some people get glitter bombed, saw an incredible fully-functional 3D printed BMO, and most importantly – took some photos. Below is the link to our All-Con 2015: Saturday Gallery. Make sure to check it out

Click Here for Our All-Con 2015: Saturday Gallery!