Comicpalooza To Invade Houston in May


Last year, near the end of May, Doug and I happened to hear about a convention down in Houston. We, for some reason, didn’t hear about Comicpalooza until almost 3 days before the show. We reached out to the press rep and, surprisingly, they said “Yes, please come down!”

You see, press normally needs to submit a detailed application months in advanced. Conventions get hundreds of applications with the rise of the blog/podcast era, so we were impressed with the invite. We drove down for a one day visit. Thankfully we made that day a Saturday. We had no clue what to expect, we didn’t do our normal homework, we just packed up and left.

As we walked through the front doors we realized one thing – Comicpalooza isn’t messing around. It had so much space to work with as well as house the 32,000 attendees last year. The Con was on a different level; The panels, the artists, the celebrity guests, and even the cosplay, were top notch. We tried to cover the event the best we could, but we felt we didn’t do it justice. We didn’t have many written posts, no podcast wrap up shows, or anything other than a single day photo gallery. This year we are doing things differently. As we prep for the convention, you can expect to hear about it all month on the podcast as well as on our social media. During the convention we will have our daily wrap-up shows as well as photo galleries.

The fine people at Comicpalooza are also asking for help. They need some volunteers! You only have a couple more days to sign up – May 1st is the deadline. You can go to for details.

You can also attend the Cosplay Kick-Off Party on May 21st! Here are the details if you are interested.

Cosplay Kick-off Party and Contest sponsored by Meteor Lounge
Thursday, May 21st, 2015
Meteor Lounge, 2306 Genesee St, Houston, TX 77006
Doors open at 7:00pm, Contest starts at 10pm, 18+ welcome
Entry: $0, IDs checked at the door. There will be a sign-in table to register competitors, (individual and group competition)

We hope to see everyone in Houston. If you see us walking around, please stop and say hi! We always enjoy meeting our fans.