Must Watch! The Announcement Trailer for Lego Dimensions!


Take all of your Skylanders figures, Infinity figures, and Amiibos; roll em up in a blanket, and throw away that blanket.  Lego Dimensions will be the only game with figures that you will need, ever! Watch the reveal trailer below, with Joel McHale!

When a mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various LEGO® worlds, different characters from DC Comics™, The Lord of the Rings™ and The LEGO® Movie are swept away. To save their friends, Batman™, Gandalf™ and Wyldstyle™ bravely jump into the vortex and quickly find themselves fighting to save all of LEGO humanity.


I spotted Wizard of Oz and Back to The Future! Which ones did you spot here?  Lego Dimensions is coming out on Sept 27, 2015.