Panty Vigilante: Sailor Moon Meets Alien Underwear!? Yes!!

Panty Vigilante
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  • Panty Vigilante
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  • Last modified: August 15, 2015
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Review Summary:

A little bit of love for a funny and quirky comic.

Writer: Erica Batton
Artist: Erica Batton
Published by: Erica Batton

Kate was a grunt in the exciting world of retail, treading water after a long string of bad luck. It was a pair of panties blasting through the vacuum of space. One off-course trajectory and bad case of wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time later, their fates intertwine to create a new kind of heroine. One that stands for justice, equality, and a really cute bra in a color other than beige. And thus, Panty Vigilante was born.

Note: This is being published as a webcomic but I’m reviewing the collected issue number one.

Why I read this: There are many reasons. Let me name a few.

  • That cover. I get the Sailor Moon feels.
  • The tag line. “A story about space panties and girls who are empowered by them.”
  • I’ve met the creator and she’s cool.

What I think about it: That you should buy it. Like, right now. I’m not kidding, go to Panty Vigilante and donate money to Erica’s Patreon account. Read the webcomic while you’re there. And if you’re in the Kansas City area, go to Elite Comics on 119th & Quivera and buy a physical copy. And when she starts selling this thing on her site you can buy it there too.

I love this book. I laughed more than once. I smiled at the wide-eyed facial expressions and awkward babblings. I also cringed at the crappy retail experiences the main character has. Did the author work in a shitty clothing store at one time or another? Seems likely.

I love Kate. This is a main character that I think a lot of us can relate to. She’s real and I wish I was as funny as her. Better yet, I wish we were friends.

What I didn’t like about this …. …. I’ve got nothing. Maybe I don’t like that issue two isn’t out yet. (Even though it’s confirmed that it’s in the works.) Yeah, that’s it. It’s just awesome. It’s super funny. It has an engaging story with characters that are likable and feel real. The art is stellar and I can’t wait for costumed goodness.

As a side note, enough for issue two is on the webcomic site (link above) and I’m trying to refrain from reading it right now. If I do I’ll still buy issue two as well.

I recommend this to everyone. Especially funny chicks. #awkwardgirlsunite