8bit Geek is all about connecting you with geek culture. We focus on film, videogames, comics, and other geek topics. You will find us doing the latest news (we will likely mess up a headline one way or another), doing skits from voice over auditions to improve. We will report from many Comic Cons and bring you video, picture galleries and more!


Our History

We started back in early 2012 under the name Reel Talk. Back then it was just Jeremy and Nick. We started with the idea of just film. Chatting it up for an hour and just having fun. The goal was always as long as one person was listening we would continue. Well we have kept that one listener and have grown since day one. Unfortunately, Nick had life happen and had to leave the show. Doug came in and brought a whole new element to the show. After a year we decided, we need to cast a wider net. Film doesn’t define us. We are geeks and we need to talk games, comics and more! On January 1st we launched our new format. Then we added our third host Kevin. He has added so much to our show and we are so happy he is on board. In May of 2014 we changed our name from Reel Talk to 8bit Geek to finish the marriage to our new geek outlook. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for visiting.