8bit Legends – Episode 4 Review!

Listen in as we talk Episode 4 of DC and CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. This week, Dr. Stein secretly sneaks in to a lab and finds out that Savage is trying to create a Russian Firestorm, Atom and Capt. Cold try their hands at spying, and Hawkgirl and White Canary attempt to become bffs through beating the snot out of each other.


8bit Legends: Episode 2 Review

We are back for episode 2 of the Legends of Tomorrow. Find out what we thought!

“Tipped off to Vandal Savage’s whereabouts, the team infiltrates a munitions deal with Professor Stein as their leader. Surrounded by some of the toughest criminals in the world, things quickly go from bad to worse when Savage realizes they don’t belong there. A massive fight ensues and a piece of the Atom’s suit falls off and into the wrong hands, which could potentially cause disastrous consequences in the future. Stein realizes the best way to retrieve the missing piece is to contact a brilliant man – his younger self. He, Sara and Jax head off in search of young …”



Legends of Tomorrow Episode 1 Review

We are so excited about CW’s new show “Legends of Tomorrow”, we had to record a full review. We look forward to bringing this new show to our fans every week. We encourage you to follow along with us and let us know how you feel about this show. We would also like to welcome our newest member of the team, Rainne! She’s a geek who doesn’t hold back her love for Marvel.

Episode 150: 2015 in Review

It’s the last show of 2015 and we plan on going out in style. This week we give our top 5 lists in Film, TV and Gaming. Find out how we match up and what our predictions are for 2016.