Join Us This Saturday Night For Drunk Rocket League!

This Saturday night, November 14th at 8pm CST, the 8bit Crew will be playing Rocket League on Twitch! And to make it even more fun for us all, we’ll be turning it into a drinking game! You dont have to drink if you watch the stream, but feel more than free to join us as we get drunk and drive and play car soccer!

The rules for Drunk Rocket League are as follows:

  • Take a drink if we allow the other team to score
  • Take a shot if we lose the match
  • Take 2 shots if you score on our own goal


Join your hosts Jeremy, Kevin, Doug, and their good friend Ryan this weekend on Twitch for Drunk Rocket League, game giveaways, and Hot Hot Charles!

Episode 108 – Return of the Boobs

Guess who’s back, back, back, back again. CJ’s back, back, back, tell a friend.

Or two.

Go tell your friends to come listen to this show. Right now. We’ll wait….


Awesome. Check out this weeks show below with special guest, CJ!






CJ is the future companion of the Doctor, as well as a Chivette, comic book fanatic, and overall nerd. You can check her out on her website, on Youtube, and on Twitter.

Make sure to check out the website for table-top game DARK LORD, and also to go check out their Kickstarter!

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Thursday Night Twitch! Left 4 Dead 2! 9pmCST #8BitTwitch


This week we continue on with the horror theme for October with the legendary Left 4 Dead 2.  This time around, I will be joined by Jeremy, Doug, and possibly our good friend Ryan.  The Stream starts at 9pm CST and you can tune in here!  Spread the word using the hashtag #8BitTwitch on social media and join in on the fun!


Watch live video from KevinWK on

Thursday Night Twitch: Alien: Isolation! 8pm CST!

Continuing with October’s Horror theme, I will be streaming Alien: Isolation, a first person survival horror game by Creative Assembly and Published by Sega.  The story takes place 15 years after the events of the cinematic classic Alien. You play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter.  Amanda is trying to find out what happened on the Nostromo and the whereabouts of her mother.  A flight recorder is found from Nostromo on a space station called Sevastopol. When Amanda arrives, quickly she realizes that there is something wrong with this place, and that’s where the game really begins!  Watch the trailer below and tune in tonight at 8pm CST Click here for Kevin WK’s Twitch. Also you can chat with us using the Hashtag #8bitTwitch, I will be answering questions and taking requests for my next live stream events!


Twitch Thursday Night! Kevin Plays Five Nights At Freddys! 8pm CST!

Tune in every Thursday for the month of October as the 8-bit Geeks Stream live on Twitch! This week Kevin is playing Five Nights At Freddy’s, a game about a poor overnight security guard who has to watch over a Chuck E. Cheese type establishment.  Just like my childhood dreams/nightmares have foretold, once the lights go out and the kids go home, the animatronics have plans of their own.  Make sure you check out the stream, as we will be giving away games on Steam, chatting about horror stuffs, and just all getting scared to all hell by robot teddy bears!

Click here to watch the Stream, or just go to