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Random Bits

Every week we feature a unique skit to entertain the fans. From VO auditions to Missed Connections. We will attempt to make you laugh

The News

We discuss the lastest and greatest in a variety of subjects. If its geeky, we will be talking about it

A Roll of the Dice

Every episode is truly unique. New stories are told, people are embarrassed but most importantly, we all have fun




8bit Geek Podcast: Monday

8pm cst (Live on Twitch)


Welcome to 8bit Geek, your go-to source for all the latest news from the film and gaming industries.  The 8bit Geek podcast was established in 2012 with a passion to entertain while we inform on all our favorite topics.  Fun times are always at the core of 8bit Geek.  Why comedy?  In a society, riddled with stress and challenges, 8bit Geek believes laughter is an outlet we all need.  We are ready to laugh at anything and everything, especially ourselves.  Which is how we report on genuine issues, with comedy and flair. 
8bit Geek started with a couple of virtual strangers from different backgrounds, trying to make something out of nothing.  Over the course of 6 years, we’ve become the best of friends.  A family with a mutual passion for movies, video games, tabletop gaming, comics and so much more.  Our shared excitement to present and discuss the topics right out in front of the things we love, keeps us coming back week after week. 
Something else you can count on from 8bit Geek?  We are constantly evolving, pushing our limits to develop new segments and other cool stuff.  In one of our most popular segments, Missed Connections, we read actual missed connections from Craigslist in whacky character voices.  Because we want to bring you the latest news, no two shows are ever the same.  Because our interests are ever expanding, we developed a whole network of shows with topics ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to professional wrestling and so on.  Because 8bit Geek is a podcast created by geeks for geeks, and we have a deep connection with our listeners, we created a community on Discord and Twitch where all our fans and supporters can congregate, play and just be themselves.  
Everyone with 8bit Geek is passionate about what we do and where our podcast is going.  It is a point of pride that we put our real selves on the line every show.  We tackle real issues, offer real solutions and vent real frustrations all while having an unbelievably good time.  You can rely on that.  Give us the chance to show you how much fun you’ve been missing.  For a good time, guaranteed, call on 8bit Geek!


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The Podcast Network

As the popularity of the podcast grew, so did the interest in doing more shows. From Star Wars to life advice, we are guaranteed to have something you are interested in. Click any of the links below to listen in on our other offerings. 


8bit Saga is a biweekly RPG podcast from the 8bit Geek Network. Listen in as our mighty heroes play D&D, make terrible jokes, and explore the world they’re in.

Meet The Hosts


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Jeremys relationship with games started back on the Nintendo NES. Growing up he was heavy influenced by the 1960's version of Batman. His super power is eating Chinese food. 


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Doug, the littlest brother of our 8bit family, is a true 90's kid. Growing up during the time of NickToons, the explosion of home video gaming, and the early era of the Power Rangers, Doug was destined to be a kid forever.


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Kevin prides himself on entertaining the masses. He is a horror movie aficionado who plays more bad video games than he cares to admit. Kevin also listens to way too many fast and loud bands.


Here at 8bit we offer our weekly podcast for free to all. While we will always do this, we would also like to grow our show. In order to do that, we need your help. If you would like to support the show please consider subscribing to us via Patreon. As a monthly subscriber, you will receive extended cuts of the podcast, exclusive content and so much more. 

Every dollar goes back into the show. From advertising to new equipment, we are very respectful of your hard earned money that you donate. We hope one day, we can support ourselves through Patreon and deliver exciting content daily. 

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