Hey there all you 8-Bitters! 


We just wanted to provide an update on a few things going on in our world! First off, Jeremy’s surgery went well and he is home, recovering and probably posting a lot of Twitter and Snapchat updates! Send him your well wishes there or on the Discord! Second thing, there will be no episodes next week, nothing tragic, we’re just tired, ya’ll.  


After 400+ shows, we have grown tired of the same format that many of you have come to enjoy. It just doesn’t satisfy us like it once did. We have grown a lot in the last 8 years. Our families have grown. Our jobs have changed. Our health has fluctuated. Times right now are rough, on a massive global scale, and like we stated before - we are just tired.


We still enjoy shooting the shit with one another, and several of you may have seen that joy in our daily show The Diner. We want to bring that energy to the weekly 8bit Geek episodes, but that’s going to take time, and planning, and work. So we have decided to take a break. We want to recharge our batteries and recapture what made this so special in the first place. 


During our time away, we are going to take time for ourselves and our families. When we do come back we want to do right by our fans. We will take time to reflect on what we did right. What worked and how much joy we got out of it. We also want to focus on what didn’t work. What we did wrong along the way and how we can learn from those mistakes.


We will still be around. You will see us on the discord. We will still stream and hang out together. As soon as we know when things start rolling again, we will update you all. Or maybe we will just secretly release a new episode to blow your minds. 


If you are a patreon member, we have gone ahead and suspended payments at this time. You will not be charged for August. We will continue to do so until we fire up the ol 8bit Geek engines. 


In closing, we want to say thanks to everyone who has given us a place in your ears. Without you, there would be no us. We appreciate the support over the years and we hope to see everyone real soon. 


Love, Hugs and all that Bullshit, 


Jeremy, Doug and Kevin