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Welcome to the most must-hear wrestling podcast in The 8bit Geek Universe! Welcome…to Divas, Dropkicks & Dives! Join Michael & Kevin as they talk about all things wrestling, from your local indie promotion, all the way up to “the big dog”, WWE.  They recap the news of the week, as well as bring on guests, both inside & outside the wrestling industry.  While the guys are infused with the power of positivity, they’re not afraid to take a stand and do their part to make wrestling the best experience it can be. Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true!


This show is meant for all wrestling fans, whether you are just starting out, or are the smarkiest smark out there.  Michael & Kevin invite anyone to join in the conversation!  Everyone is welcome here.  This is the show where fans are made. Here.  Now.  Forever.  


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Kevin prides himself on entertaining the masses. He is a horror movie aficionado who plays more bad video games than he cares to admit. Kevin also listens to way too many fast and loud bands, that’s why he never hears the insults that Doug and Jer spew at him. Despite that, He loves his crew.


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Michael enjoys the finer things in life: his wife, Kevin Smith films, wrestling, heavy metal, video games, watching Kansas City sports teams win, and many more! Can be found playing NES Tecmo Super Bowl to this very day!

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